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Freedom Statue

Break-Out with Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques!

The above picture is of the Freedom Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis located at 16th and Vine Streets, Philadelphia, PA.

I am not a big artsy fan, but this struck a cord with me. 

When we are born, our mind is open and free, not cluttered with rules and boundaries. But all through our childhood, almost everyone, parents, teachers, authorities,and do-gooders. They are all pressuring us to fit the mold that they are in thinking we should conform too.

Obviously, a specific portion of that is actually helpful and useful. (Like looking both ways before crossing the street).

You can see all the marks from the clay pushed in and made to conform to the mold. 

We become almost completely encased in the mold. As we grow older, we can take in different ideas. But the people who helped form us still pressure us to stay in conformity. 

Maybe you have attended a seminar on creative real estate investing, and your mind opened up to new ideas. While you are there, you see things a little differently. You think of what it would be like to become a real estate investor. This could be a terrific opportunity for you. After all, there are thousands of real estate investors making millions of dollars, so we have proof that it works.

Then you go home or to work and share the idea with family and or friends. Who all tell you that doesn't work, that's illegal, and that doesn't work here.

You were so excited that maybe this vehicle could get you on the road to Freedom. Then you just got pushed back into the mold.

Those people don't want you to change because then they would have to face their reality. Which is too painful; it's easier to keep you down.

​One time many years ago, there was a torrential rainstorm, and the lake behind my house overtopped the dam and completely washed away everything. Watch the video.

I went out back and was surveying the damage done. I decided to jump onto this patch of dirt to get a better look. As I jumped, a thought occurred to me, "I hope that this is going to be solid." It wasn't, and I sunk in almost to my knees.

It took almost 15 minutes to get free.

Breaking out of your mold is like that. It may take you a while to get out, but it is worth every struggle.

Don't let other people steal your dreams. They are not bad people. They mean well but ultimately can be destructive to your dreams and goals.

There are numerous ways for a person to ​break out with creative real estate investing. There are so many ways, options, master leasing, notes, owner financing, subject-to, flipping, partners, etc. Personally, I like single-family houses (SFH) for many reasons, but hey, we all get to choose, and you may select commercial, industrial or apartments.

I wish great success ​for you and your family, whether you chose real estate investing or something else.

​One of my mentors told me to: Use What You Have, To Get What You Need, To Get What You Want! (you can use that in all areas of your life)

​To Your Success!

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