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This story is not to impress you with me, trust me; it's not that impressive.

But maybe you can relate to aspects of it. You might want to know what it is like getting started in the new adventure of creative real estate investing.

Perhaps I can share with you more productive or quicker ways to get going in your real estate investing career.

We tend to do business with people we relate too. If I say something, you connect ​with join my list to learn more, if not keep looking until you find the right person to help you.

My journey into real estate investing began​ in 1979 when I found a book. At the time, I didn't know anything about real estate investing.

​Titled "How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate." Written by Albert J. Lowry.

I had never met ​Dr. Lowry until a couple of ​years ago when I was able to have dinner with him. He is a wonderful man, and it was an honor for me to be able to have a couple of hours just talking about real estate investing.

At the time I ​picked up his book, I was still ​​an active duty Marine.

I had ​earned the rank of Sergeant, and in 1980 I completed f​our years ​of ​ active duty in ​the Marine Corps and chose to stay in the reserves for another year.

After my release ​at Cherry Point, NC, ​driving home, it hit me ​what the heck do I do now.

 ​Upon returning to what we call South Jersey and my old job at C​BS Records (where they actually made vinyl records). They had guaranteed me my job back since I worked there before joining the Marines.

While at work one day, I looked around and asked myself did I want to spend the rest of my working life here. Or even 10 or 20 years here?

The answer was a​ ​resounding NO.

You've heard the saying, "what we focus on comes to pass." Well, it seems to be true. ​Because one day, I was asked by a supervisor from another division to do someone else's job while I was already overwhelmed by doing mine. So I didn't do it.

For which I won a trip to see the plant manager. His office was in a part of the building where ​only "executives" went, so it was a little intimidating. They probably fired me because they ​could see I was going to be a problem child. ​

​Getting fired, seemed devastating, but it turned out to be a ​tremendous blessing.

As it turned out, I went on to be reasonably successful, and now that plant closed.

​​It was clear to me that I didn't want a ​regular JOB ​and hated the typical politics ​that ​ usually ​arise in a company. It seemed maybe the ​entrepreneurial route would ​be a better fit for me.

Since ​having read Dr. Lowery's book about real estate investing,

I decided to ​​start down the real estate investor path.

​So off I went looking for​ a rental property and contacted a realtor. She had given me these books which were ​phone book like. ​Printed on cheap paper, and came out about every 2 weeks or once a month.

They had maybe 10 properties per page with 1 small black, and white picture, and some information on the property.

In 1980 that was the MLS. There were no computer systems with all the information at your fingertips.

That decision lead to the purchase of my first property – an empty duplex for $17,500 with owner financing – followed by three additional rental properties in South Jersey. I didn't even know what owner financing was at the time.

​My knowledge of real estate investing kept growing and everything was going well.

​One day I ​received a call from the President of Success Motivation Institute in Waco, TX. He asked me if I would like to come to Waco and sell franchises for them. It only took about a day to decide, then within ​two weeks, it was off to Waco, Texas.

I spent three years there selling franchises.

But more important to me was learning to understand sales. ​Besides, acquiring more knowledge about real estate investing from the president and other people who worked there as they owned millions of dollars of real estate.​

I Discovered the art of finding out what people want and creative ways to help them to achieve it. I coached and mentored individuals toward their success. It was 3 of the best years of my life.

After three years, it was time to try something new.

​A friend of mine and I decided to move to Orange County, CA., and start a fabric care ​​Carpet cleaning​ and flood restoration business.​​ At the end of my first job, the lady asked me, "how do you make any money?" Because it took me 3 hours for a $30 job. I told the customer, "I don't know yet."

"Starting most anything new is difficult, but the more you do it, the better you ​become at it.

Fortunately, it got much better and kept the business for fifteen years. One of the benefits of that business is that I got to know the local areas very well, which is helpful when looking for rental property.

During the 15 years of starting and running, this endeavor, I learned many valuable lessons about running a business and determining the best course of action in dealing with customer service issues.

Then in 2001, my wife decided she wanted a divorce. I had gotten disenchanted with the cleaning business over the last several years. So it was time to change most everything. At this point, I was broke, or at least that's what my checking account said with a balance of just over $300.

There difference between Broke, which is a temporary condition and Poor, which is a state of mind. I Sold the remainder of the business to a friend on payments, got divorced, and started real estate investing full time.

​​My goal was to prove that creative real estate investing could be done successfully, even if someone was broke, had terrible credit, or both.

I figured out a way to acquire property for no money and turned $300 into $5 million in real estate within the next three years.

​Finally, living my real estate ambitions.

Since then, I've purchased everything from vacant land, single-family houses, duplexes, mobile homes, and RV Parks. Those real estate transactions encompassed property in five different states.

Throughout ​my real estate investing training, ​I attended many seminars and read tons of books.

One interesting thing I noticed is the most successful Investors were at every seminar and local meeting. They are continually learning as the market is continually changing.

​My experience in attending seminars ​was that ​​most of the most hyped information ​out there is useless. Mainly ​the Fast Talkin' Flashy Gurus.

I am committed to helping new investors to get started in real estate investing. One of the most challenging things for most people is a lack of confidence.

Most of us have been to many seminars on real estate investing. However, most people don't ever buy a house. We keep going to real estate investing seminars thinking,"​if I only knew this one more thing, then I would buy a house," – but most times, we still don't buy a house!

​ Why is that?

Most successful real estate investors understand that the real problem is not a lack of knowledge (unless you've never been to a seminar). The more significant issue is more about what goes on in our heads. Once I figured this out, that's when my real estate business exploded.

Since then, I do real estate investing coaching and mentoring, to help others get out of their heads and make a move toward your success! My goal is to help you get started so that you, too, can become a part of the thriving real estate investor community.

Isn't it time you stop standing outside the fence just watching other investors get wealthy? Isn't it time you enjoy the quality of life? Let me help you!

Call me or send me an email and I'll give you 30 minutes of my time to help you. No Obligation, No hooks, No tricks.

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To Your Success

​Chuck Congdon

Semper Fi.

PS: ​"Semper Fi" is the shortened version of the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis" meaning, Always Faithful.