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​Jump off a 50 foot high pole?

Seems like a strange title but hopefully you will see the connection between and the leap off a ​pole ​and the leap into real estate investing.
When we first went outside and saw the size of those telephone poles, it was very intimating. They were 50 feet tall.

We broke up into groups getting briefed on what was going to happen, I was a little nervous, but not bad.

As the names were getting crossed off the jump list, I knew my time was coming, Then I heard my name called to get the harness on, now a little more nervous.

When I heard my name called again, it was my turn, now is the time fear or maybe terror set in. When you realize that the time has come and it's me against the pole.

As I approached the pole and getting the belay line attached, my heart was about pounding out of my chest. The belay line was just to make sure we didn't die if we fell. In actuality, it may save your life but gives you no mental comfort or confidence because it's attached.

But the climbing was easy, for the first third of the pole. So I started to relax a little.

All of a sudden, the rung spacing changed.  Now my brain is saying WTF we were just getting comfortable and now another change. After a brief pause to re-calibrate, I started up again.

 OK, I adjusted to the second, then the third rung spacing. Now I was about 35 feet above the ground. It didn't look that high when I was on the ground looking up. But from there looking down, it seemed very high.

Now the top was getting nearer. Again the rung spacing changed. Another mental adjustment and as I neared the top as so was my heart rate.

I paused for several moments and thought that the transition to the top would be very tricky. It would take great balance and the sure-footedness of a mountain goat to keep from falling. The diameter of the top was only about 10 inches, not big enough for both feet, so that meant my feet would be hanging over the edge.

As I was paused, the thought came into my head that I need to JUST focus on the end goal. Which was the trapeze bar which I was supposed to catch?

Now that I had a clear, definite goal in the trapeze bar. My mind and eyes became laser-focused on that bar. As I was working on standing on top of the telephone pole, my eyes stayed totally transfixed on that bar.

At each transition, I adjusted and moved on. Now I was king of the pole standing upright. I wanted to look around and enjoy the view but knew if I started looking around, it would take me off the target. Leading to me falling and failing. I had come too far to let myself fail,  "falling was not an option."

Now at the final step, actually, it would take a giant leap to get there.
This may have been a small leap for mankind, but it was a massive leap for me personally.

For a second, I felt like superman, and then I felt the trapeze bar in my hands and grabbed it tightly.
But even now doubt crept in and made me wonder if I really caught it and could I hang on. Well, I did catch it and did hang on.
And as you can see, I felt extremely elated.

​There were several people who climbed the pole and successfully stood on the top. Even though they got that far they could not take the leap. One guy was standing there for about 15 minutes. They finally had to yank him off using the belay line.

It's a lot like attending real estate seminars or classes, so many people come close to taking the actions needed but, at some point, become frozen. If you are at home with no support, there may not be someone there to yank that belay line to get you moving again.

This is a great reason to look into having a mentor. L​earn More

The Moral ofThe Story
The big lesson I learned is that "no matter what happens in your life, if you stay focused on your goal, you can reach it."

Imagine what you could accomplish if you stayed focused on your goal.
How would your life change?

About a year later, I found out that the man who ran that exercise (Terry) also had a similar ropes course in Lake Elsinore in San Diego county. So I took my carpet cleaning crew there and had a great day.
During that day, there was a similar exercise with shorter telephone poles about 35 feet high.

As I was talking to a lady who was also there to participate in the exercises. She asked me if I had any tips to help her be able to catch the trapeze. So I shared with her my experience.
When I saw her later, she thanked me and said that my sharing my experience helped her, and she caught the trapeze.

Maybe I have some information that will help you. Join my list below to learn more about how I may be able to help you leap into real estate investing.

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